Thursday, October 14, 2010

Texas County Confuses Flag of Chile for that of their own State

For the past few years an insert in the absentee voter packet sent out by Atascosa County, Texas, contained an instructional insert with what somebody thought was the state flag of Texas.  No one caught the mistake until a Texan studying in Japan received his packet and noticed something was amiss.

After the mistake was pointed out, the elections administrator in Atascosa County, Janice Ruple, was quick to put the blame on her predecessor.  "I don't think it's funny.  It's a serious thing," she declared, perhaps chagrined that she hadn't noticed the mistake either in the three years she had held her office.

Now, I should be kind and point out that Chile's and Texas' flags are somewhat similar.  They both share the same coloration: red, white, and blue; both have a red bar on the bottom half of the flag; and both have a white star in the middle of a blue field.  So mistakenly confusing one for the other is understandable.  But in Texas itself?  I know of few other states where the citizenry are so into their flag, so the mistake really is surprising.

State Flag of Texas
Flag of Chile
Since the mistake was caught, the county elections office has corrected the flag issue.



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