Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just up the road: Merrill, WI, struck by EF3 Tornado

Merrill, WI, located in Lincoln County, is about 40 miles away from my current abode.  The storm that flooded my garden Sunday generated a tornado that went through portions of that small town. From what I am reading in various small town news, 65 homes were damaged around Lincoln County, three people were sent to hospitals with injuries, but no deaths were reported.

The tornado, initially listed as an "EF2", was later upgraded to an "EF3" on the Enhanced Fujita scale.

In total there were 10 confirmed tornadoes generated across Wisconsin; a state record for the most in one day for the month of April.

Several videos covering Merrill after the break:

Video of the tornado forming:

Video of the tornado crossing over Highway 51

Video of the destruction in Merrill following the tornado

Video of Merrill's industrial park, which was hit by the tornado

Video of a drive through a Merrill neighborhood following the tornado


  1. woahh that's insane, i'm glad no one died though

  2. Damn, look at the industrial park where the whole side of the building got smashed. It *is* hard to believe no one got killed.

  3. Wow, the jet stream really hates Wisconson. Damn spring "snap."


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