Saturday, October 2, 2010

Indonesean Volcanoes Primed for Eruption

The Jakarta Globe is reporting that 21 volcanoes across the island nation have their alert statuses at level 2 or above, elevating the potential for even more volcanism.  18 of the volcanoes have had their alert statuses raised from 1, which is classed as "normal" to 2, which is classed as "warning."  The remaining three still have statuses sitting at level 3, "standby."  All 21 volcanoes have erupted this year.

Of the level 2 volcanoes, one is Anak Krakatau, a growing remnant of Mount Krakatoa which famously exploded in 1883, all but destroying the island of Krakatoa and killing an estimated 37,000 people (though some estimates put the death toll as high as 120,000 people).

One of the level 3 volcanoes is Mount Sinabung which had been elevated to 4 when it began a series of eruptions on 28 August 2010.  It was lowered to level 3 on 23 September, two weeks after experiencing the strongest eruption the volcano had experienced since it first erupted in August.

Mount Karangetang, another of the currently level 3 volcanoes, is one of Indonesia's most active volcanoes having erupted 41 times since 1975.  An eruption on 6 August 2010 left little time for evacuation leaving 4 missing and feared dead.

Mount Ibu, the third level 3 volcano, has a lava flow running down its western slope from a parasitic cone.

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