Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dozens Dead in Merapi Eruption; Graphic Video Shows Devastation

Kinahrejo village covered in ash following the eruption
of Mount Merapi, Indonesia

A pyroclastic flow, an eruption of hot ash and gas, has killed at least 30 people, including one infant, as Indonesia's Mount Merapi erupted on Tuesday. Another 14 were injured with burns of varying degrees of severity.

Evacuations continue as many houses have been destroyed by volcanic debris, and the ruins covered in a thick coating of ash. Men have tended to stay behind in the many villages flanking the volcano to maintain livestock and protect possessions while sending women, elderly, and children to shelters further away from the volcano. The villagers have been told to not return during a current lull in volcanic activity, however many have ignored these warning and returned to their homes for fear of loosing their crops and animals.

Most of those killed by the eruption burned to death and were in a village near the volcano's crater. The village was home to an elderly spiritual guardian, an 83-year-old man who had been entrusted to watch over the volcano's spirits, and thought to possess magical powers. Many of the victims were found in or around his home. Reports from the scene described victims being removed from the village in body bags.

The following video contains graphic images. Viewer discretion is advised.



  1. I was expecting larger explosions. Or at least something going BOOM! Oh well. It is good most people were able to evacuate though!

  2. god... someone needs to do something about that

  3. Wow. The sheer destructive force of the planet we live on is unfathomable. Very sad.

  4. So you think more died from the ash or from the lava?

  5. @Flav: generally, lava isn't very dangerous. It is more a threat to property than to human lives. It moves so slowly, that most people can get out of the way before it gets to them. Hot volcanic ash and gas from volcanoes are far deadlier, as they can travel quickly, cover a larger area, and can both burn and suffocate their victims.

  6. I heard that a lot of the early deaths were just debris, sad story


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