Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rainy Night for the Vegetable Patch

We had a big thunderstorm roll through the area last night and it put down a good amount of precipitation.  Annoyingly, I didn't have my rain gauge out so I don't know how much, exactly, came down.  That said, there was enough rain that the section of the garden I had dug out the day before to turn the soil had filled up with water.

There's a lot of standing water around the yard today.  Luckily our basement has stayed dry.  The soil here is about 80% silt, so it should drain quickly enough over the next few days.  However, all this water also means my work on expanding the garden is going to be held up a little bit.  With the soil that muddy it just tends to get compacted when it is moved around, and compacted soil is not good for most plants.

My pea sprouts seem to have handled the transition outside and the rainstorm pretty well.  I'm still terrified that I am going to come out one morning to discover that they were made into a bunny's late-night snack.  I've read that if I can get them past the sprout stage rabbits tend to leave them alone, so here's to hoping they'll grow a little quicker; the rabbits have really been out and about in the neighborhood of late.


  1. Those things happens, don´t worry as soon as the patch dries up, keep working on it. Hope the peas grow up fast!

  2. damn, bad luck after yesterdays post. well at least it will be nice and fertile by the time it's dry

  3. oh god
    put traps or something around the peas

  4. @Colin B

    You know what? i don't know what the laws are in regards to the rabbits in this town. I'd probably need some sort of small game permit to kill-trap them.

    Truth be told, though, my neighbor has a pet rabbit. If it comes done to it I might ask if I can get several servings of their rabbit's droppings to scatter around the garden. Rabbits are pretty territorial so scattering the droppings should, in theory, make other rabbits avoid the place.

  5. Just gotta put up some wire to keep them out. that's what my parents did when we had a garden yeeeeears ago.

  6. ah, I didn't mean to kill them, just trap them in a cage or something

    but the poop idea does sound a lot easier :)

  7. Your neighbor has a good future in selling bunny poo.

    You have a nice set-up.


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