Saturday, April 16, 2011

Finally finished sheet mulching my Lovely Garden . . . and then

 Over the past few days I finally managed to finish sheet mulching my expanded garden area.  Spinach, chard, carrots, and some extra snow pea seeds have all been sown as well.  However, since Sunday's storm went through the state the weather has turned cold again. 

This past week we have only been creeping up to about 5-6 degrees C most days.  Then last night we started getting mixed rain and sleet coming down.

Prior to this weather event I'd been trying to cover my sprouted snow peas on those nights when it was going to freeze, but I didn't get out and cover them last night.

This morning we had close to an inch of snow on the ground, and I have no idea if the snow pea starts will survive this.

I am thinking (hoping) they will.  The weather isn't quickly fluctuating between freezing cold and warm, which is what generally causes frost damage.  So I believe they should pull through this.

This cold is also killing my soil temperature.  The soil is still thawed, but unless things start to warm up just a little my seeds are not going to want to sprout which will delay my garden developing for a few weeks.  I would really like things to move along so crops will be ready to rotate in June when I'll start putting in my squash, tom and pepper plants.


  1. yeah, this weather is confusing things over here too. things that should have flowered havent and things that shouldn't be flowering are.

  2. Well damn, that puts everything to a halt

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  4. Weather can be such a pain. Hopefully your sprouts will recover!

  5. Well you post good infos my friend. Keep it going.

  6. Love the work you did with the garden.. Following

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