Sunday, April 3, 2011

Large Mississippi Iceflow near Wabasha, MN

A family caught on video a large ice-flow making its way down the Mississippi river near the town of Wabasha, MN.  The ice-flow was large, heavy enough, and close enough to the shore to destroy what appear to be several private boat launches.

According to the Army Corp of Engineers the ice flow broke loose from Lake Pepin.  It hit the Highway 60 bridge, causing no structural damage of note.  The bridge strike rotated so that it reached from one bank to the other as it was carried down river past Wabasha.

The Mississippi river near Wabasha was reported as being 13 feet April 2, 1 foot above the area's 12 foot flood stage.  Minor flooding was reported.


  1. Not that you are presenting this in any massively-exploited way, but I can't watch any more videos that make me fear Mother Nature. I curse the advent of affordable recording technology. Makes me want to travel less.

  2. You are right. Maybe I should start posting videos of my dog playing in the snow.

  3. >videos of my dog playing in the snow

    I'd totally watch that.


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