Monday, March 21, 2011

Rainy Weather Causes Mudflows on Indonesia's Mount Merapi

Residents of Sleman, in central Java, following mudflows into their village (source)
Just a follow up post on conditions around Indonesia's Mount Merapi, whose eruption I was writing on last year.

The Jakarta Post reports that recent heavy rains have sent a slurry of volcanic debris down the slopes of Mount Merapi over the weekend.  There has been no loss of life reported but 21 homes were buried in mud in the village of Sleman, and flood waters washed into the Argomulyo.  One family of three reportedly suffered burns, when they were late in evacuating, but these were likely chemical burns rather than thermal burns as mudflows of volcanic material can be slightly acidic.

Merapi is no longer erupting, but is still considered active, and the death toll since October now stands at over 350 people.


  1. It's amazing how it's still an active volcano, even one year after the fact.

  2. Wow I didn't even hear about this one cheers mate


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