Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nuclear Reactor Locations Compared to Global Earthquake Activity

Over on their site, has a created a custom google map showing the global distribution of earthquake activity with the locations of nuclear power plants superimposed. Based on data from the USGS,  averaging 175,000 4.5+ magnitude earthquakes since 1973, they've create a heatmap of global earthquake activity.  On top of that heatmap they've placed the location of  248 atomic energy plants.  With this I think people can get a better grip on how low the risk is to most of the world's reactors to seismic activity.  The above image is just a screen grab so head over to their site to look around at the map in more detail.


  1. It's insane, thanks for sharing my friend.

  2. This is neat, I love this sort of stuff.

  3. huh most of the locations and earthquake activity coincide, interesting.
    nice blog.

  4. Interesting, good thing to know, although west coast of US looks a little dodgy


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