Friday, November 5, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig? Maybe in a Bit

I was so amused by the balanced pebbles that I totally forgot
to take a picture of the actual balanced rock.
I am currently poaching some wi-fi that I found so I'll give a fast update here.  I'll be heading home two days from now.  Hopefully, things go smoother than the flights out here (it took 17 hours).  Toured four states: Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and a small sliver of Arizona.  Saw a lot of desert, visited a lot of fun places and took a lot of photos, so look forward to some original content regarding all of that in the coming days.  Tomorrow I'll be out exploring a small part of the Black Ridge Canyon Wilderness, so I'm not done with my travels just yet.  however, if I can get some internet tomorrow I might be able to get a solid start on blog updates then.

See you all on the flip-side,

The Lazy Geographer


  1. good to hear from you. sounds like you have seen a lot of interesting stuff lately.. come home safely, i'm waiting for updates :)

  2. hey man be careful on the poaching open wifi! check out my posts on firesheep. definitely get some more pictures from the travel though - jealous...

  3. Sounds fun, that area out West is super scenic

  4. I hope to see pictures from your adventure. I love those western states!

  5. Good post! Looking forward to reading you next one


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